New York Governor Cuomo Should Resign for His Three Daughters’ Sake

8/4/2021, Wednesday

Andrew Cuomo is accused of sexual harassment of his female staff including inappropriate touch and groping. One of the many accusers was a state trooper who was on his protection detail.

Even the chairman of the New York Democratic Committee who was his biggest supporter called him to tell him to resign. Cuomo refused and chose to defend himself by a pre-recorded video to explain his side of the story. He denied all the accusations and gave excuses of how he was brought up in the old Italian way, hugging, kissing people and call them sweetheart or other terms of endearment but they did not mean anything sexual. Baloney!

The truth is, some men who thought too highly of themselves often felt they had the right to do things to women they were attracted to, always assuming his actions were welcome and that those women should be honored by their attention. It’s also because they found women were inferior and therefore, they should be timid and accommodating to their ‘interest’.

I was a victim of such men in my long career in the financial world. I always believed the best thing to do when men subjected me to their unwanted attention, is to call them out right there and then, while demanded that their vulgar behavior must not repeat itself ever again.

Simply say out loud so other people nearby could hear you: “Get you hands off my ass, or my waist (wherever you were touched)!  And don’t you dare touch me again!” The giggling from other coworkers or people nearby instantly became the witnesses of the ‘encounter’. That’s how you make a record of their behavior. If they harassed you too severely, you gave their supervisor a heads up, before reporting them to Human Resources.

It’s no surprise that I received various reactions from a short apology with a quick retreat, or rumors spreading in the office that I dared refused their attention, to a hostile look of hatred every time I run into them.

I treated all their reactions equally: I walked by them with my head held high and gave them a curt nod if they said ‘hi’. Or dropped a few coins by their feet as if they were street beggars if they tried to engage me in conversation not about work, and then walked away. Those who tried to intimidate me by staring at me with hatred would be treated by my look of indifference as if they were so bland and beyond ordinary that I could not even notice them at all.

There’s no reason to be timid or afraid of retaliation for we are women and many of us are smarter than many men who shameless made passes at us without invitation. We don’t have to give them the power to abuse us in any way. And we don’t need men to help us succeed in our career.

Governor Andrew Cuomo failed to inherit his father’s wisdom, humility and class. If he refused to resign now, he’ll be impeached, and his three daughters will be humiliated. His ex-wife Kerry Kennedy, Robert Kennedy’s daughter, mother of his daughters will be appalled.

The New York State Assembly have enough votes to impeach him. Biden who was his friend also called for his resignation.  He’d be foolish to go through with the impeachment.

Secretary of Defense Austin Imposes Vaccine Mandate for Troops on Active Duty – My Take

8/4/2021, Wednesday

Biden made his CDC director to extend the Eviction Moratorium yesterday for 60 days, because Missouri Congresswoman Cori Bush slept outside the Capitol building in protest Biden’s refusal to give the extension. Who cares if it’s against the constitution? His job is to lift up Americans in this pandemic. But he didn’t want to dirty his hands. So, the CDC director did it for him.

Many weeks ago, former Secretary of State Panetta publicly called out Biden to mandate vaccination for all military personnel, Biden didn’t want to dirty his hands on the military either and no one heard a peep about this from him.

When Florida governor banned all mandate of vaccine and masking in Florida, Biden called out DeSantis (softly) to express his concern but failed to do anything to kill the governor’s bans. Surely, the President out ranked a governor and could do something to save lives. School superintendents would lose state funding if they defied the ban and required all school staff and students to wear masks and get the vaccine. Biden remained silent on the schools’ dilemma.

So, today, the current Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin imposed the vaccine mandate for military personnel on active duty. Biden kept his hands clean again. Isn’t the President the Commander in Chief of the Military and should do the right thing for national security? Leadership hesitancy again.

Couldn’t Biden put on a pair of rubber gloves to avoid getting his hands dirty? I do when I go out to do my shopping.

In Florida’s case, Biden needs to intervene. If he is so fucking afraid of DeSantis, he should step down right now. Getting Biden to do the right thing is like pulling teeth. And he disappointed us time and again, preferring to pass the burden to someone else.  

Biden is not building any legacy as POTUS. He can’t take the credit for things he made someone else do. They don’t belong in his resume.

The Tale of Two Lawyers: One Lawyer Had Integrity, Another Lawyer Sought to Benefit Himself.

8/4/2021, Wednesday

The lawyer with integrity:

Former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen was asked by Trump in late December 2020, to “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen”.

Rosen refused. His chief of staff prepared a resignation letter just in case Trump would fire Rosen for not playing ball. But Rosen was not fired, for if he was, he might reveal the reason why he was fired. Trump didn’t want that.

Besides having integrity, Rosen also left written document behind to have a record of Trump’s illegal demand of the DOJ.

The lawyer who would break the law for personal gain:

Jeffrey Clark, Trump supporter had his eye on a lucrative appointment by Trump was all for the scheme and wrote a memo on Trump’s scheme and asked Rosen to sign it. Rosen told Clark to take a flying leap and that he’d never participate in a coup.

Clark, a lawyer, took a vow to uphold justice, prepared to lie to overturn the election for his own gain.

Days after Trump’s summon and Rosen refused to make a false public statement to help Trump with his coup, Trump incited the Capitol Insurrection.

The corrupt lawyer Jeffrey Clark should be stripped of his law license and never allowed to practice for the rest of his sorry life. Trump should go to prison for his attempted coup by inciting the Capitol Insurrection to kill Pence and Pelosi.

It is disgusting for lawyers, judges, and doctors to abandon their integrity for their own personal gain, and let their clients and the innocent down. Yet many do it every day without shame.

Jeffrey Rosen should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Delta Variant Infection Responsible for 93% of Hospitalization Including Children – Biden Administration Must Impose Vaccine and Mask Mandate NOW

8/4/2021, Wednesday

Our POTUS is still ‘afraid’ of being unpopular for imposing nationwide vaccine and mask mandate, plus requiring children under age 12 to wear masks in school. He knows the statistics. He continues to pressure the CDC director to play down the urgency to mandate mask and vaccination, when all medical scientists are calling for immediate mandatory vaccine and mask, especially those states with high infection rates. Joe must need some hearing aids and a spine surgery.

Biden authorized the CDC yesterday to extend the eviction moratorium based on public health concerns, for based on the Supreme Court, the POTUS was not allowed to use Executive power to extend the eviction moratorium a 5th time. What kind of law is that when over 3.5 million people could become homeless while Delta variant infection is on the rise? Surely, exception can be made under exceptional circumstance to protect the public. But then Congress was supposed to vote for an extension but there’s not enough vote to do so for our politicians are siding with the rental property investors who put pressure on those who received their campaign donations.

The President of the richest and most powerful country (not for long if China can help it) campaigned to lift up Americans in middle America, but every action he’s made so far favored Wall Street. The medical science community is getting more and more frustrated, while Biden continues to have leadership hesitancy. Even Dr. Fauci is trying to downplay the urgency so as not to contradict with the President.

Biden also refused to listen to former Secretary of Defense Panetta to impose mandatory vaccinate to all military personnel to ensure our national security. His ego is bigger than his lies on his resume.

The POTUS did reply to a journalist question late yesterday, in a whisper, that he believed Governor Andrew Cuomo should resign. Why has he been whispering unless to rebuke a journalist for asking a question he did not like to answer.?

Why so coy, Joe?  Speak up, Damnit!  Take action on mandatory vaccination and mask, for God’s sake! Children and younger Americans are filling up hospital beds in Louisianna right now. Didn’t the CDC director tell you about that? You kept making your people give contradictory messages to confuse the public. This is not about the lies on your resume. This is about public health.

Dr. Fauci’s boss Dr. Collins recommended parents who are fully vaccinated to wear mask indoor when they are around children under age 12, who are not yet vaccinated, as well as vulnerable seniors in their home.  It made sense and if I have small children, I’d follow Dr. Collins’ advice.

However, the White House got angry with Dr. Collins and made him to backtrack his statement, while sending Dr. Fauci to go on TV last night to say Dr. Collins misspoke.

The Administration’s inconsistent messages made me trust Dr. Collins’ advice the more. I simply prefer NOT to listen to someone who lied and embellished his accomplishments on his resume.

Florida May Divest From Ben & Jerry’s Parent Over Israel Boycott – My Take

8/3/2021, Tuesday

Florida won’t put any state money into the parent company of Ben & Jerry’s unless it reverses a decision to stop selling ice cream in the occupied West Bank and contested East Jerusalem, Governor Ron DeSantis said Tuesday.  This is the same governor who banned required vaccination, banned masking even for children under age 12 in schools.

The Republican governor said the State Board of Administration (SBA) added London-based Unilever to its list of “scrutinized companies” that boycott Israel. This means that if Ben & Jerry’s position on Israel is not reversed in 90 days, Florida will not invest in or contract with Unilever or its subsidiaries.

Unilever’s 400 brands include a wide variety of familiar consumer goods such as Dove personal care products, Lipton tea, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Sunlight soap and, of course, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I doubt that all businesses in Florida would agree with the governor, even if he gets reelected.

The company’s founders, Bennett Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, said in a recent New York Times opinion piece that they no longer control the company but approve of the action in Israel as reflecting their progressive values. The company has a long history of advocating for social justice.

“We are also proud Jews. It’s part of who we are and how we’ve identified ourselves for our whole lives. As our company began to expand internationally, Israel was one of our first overseas markets. We were then, and remain today, supporters of the State of Israel,” the founders said. “But it’s possible to support Israel and oppose some of its policies, just as we’ve opposed policies of the U.S. government.”

Both Ben and Jerry are Jews. Is Israel accusing two Jews of being antisemitic?

Unilever CEO Alan Jope said last week that Unilever is “fully committed” to doing business with Israel despite Ben & Jerry’s decision on the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

In an email Tuesday, Unilever said it employs more than 2,000 people in Israel and the company “rejects completely and repudiates unequivocally any form of discrimination or intolerance”.  It’s not to Israel’s benefit to boycott Unilever altogether.

“Anti-Semitism has no place in any society,” the company said, adding that Ben & Jerry’s will continue selling ice cream in parts of Israel “through a different business arrangement”. Mr. Jope got it wrong. He felt the need to use the same rhetoric Israel spewed. Stupid man.  Ben and Jerry’s action was not antisemitic but for social justice.

Florida officials say Unilever told them in a call Wednesday that there are no plans to change Ben & Jerry’s stance on Israel. It wasn’t immediately clear what kinds of investments or contracts Florida currently has with Unilever or its subsidiaries. Therefore, Israel has no need to wait 90 days for Ben & Jerry’s or Unilever to back down.

Israel’s ambassador to the United States and United Nations, Gilad Erdan, recently sent a letter to the governors of 35 US states urging them to punish Unilever under anti-boycott laws such as that in Florida. Stop making a federal case out of a small slight from two beloved American Jews.

Israel is not the center of the universe. China will overtake America as the center of the universe thanks to the republicans who are big supporters of Israel. Chew on that in the next 90 days.

Lambda COVID Variant, Behind 1,000 Cases in U.S., Shows Vaccine Resistance

8/3/2021, Tuesday

The Lambda variant of COVID-19 may be more resistant to vaccines and is highly infectious, researchers at Japan’s University of Tokyo have warned in a new scientific paper published on July 28. The study is yet to be peer reviewed.

Like the Delta variant, Lambda is highly transmissible but Japanese researchers believe that three mutations in the variant’s spike proteins make it more resistant to antibodies induced by vaccination.

Lambda, which is also known as the C.37 variant, is responsible for 1,037 cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., according to data from the GISAID Initiative, which promotes the rapid sharing of information about influenza and coronaviruses.

The variant was first identified in Peru in August, 2020, where it has now become the dominant strain of the virus, and it has been reported in 29 countries including the U.S.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo published their paper at bioRxiv, a “preprint server for biology,” last Wednesday ahead of the paper’s peer review.

In lab experiments, they identified three mutations in the Lambda variant’s spike protein—called RSYLTPGD246-253N, 260 L452Q and F490S—that make it more resistant to neutralization by antibodies that are induced through vaccination. This makes the strain more resistant to vaccines than the original COVID-19 strain first identified in Wuhan, China. The research team also identified two further mutations—T76I and L452Q—that make the Lambda variant highly infectious.

They also warn that the World Health Organization’s classification of Lambda as a Variant of Interest (VOI) rather than a Variant of Concern (VOC) might lead some people to take the threat less seriously. The researchers write: “Because the Lambda variant is a VOI, it might be considered that this variant is not an ongoing threat compared to the pandemic VOCs.”

Senior researcher Kei Sato told Reuters: “Lambda can be a potential threat to the human society,” echoing the language of the paper he co-authored, which called Lambda and three other VOIs “potential threats” to society. Those three other variants are Eta, Iota and Kappa.

Dr. Pablo Tsukayama, a molecular microbiologist at Cayetano Heredia University in Lima, Peru, and one of the people who helped document Lambda, told Al Jazeera on July 27: “When we found it, it did not attract much attention.”

“But we continued processing samples, and by March, it was in 50 percent of the samples in Lima. By April, it was in 80 percent of the samples in Peru,” he said.

“That jump from one to 50 percent is an early indicator of a more transmissible variant,” Tsukayama added.

If anti-vaxxers insist on skipping the vaccine and refuse to wear masks while Delta is highly infections, once Lambda is proved by multiple studies to be more infectious than Delta, and it begins to replace Delta, the current vaccine we have can no longer help any of us –both the fully vaccinated and the non-vaccinated.  What’s more, the non-vaccinated may not even be able to get to the emergency room once they get infected by the Lambda variant.

The inconsiderate anti-vaxxers are putting the burden on our doctors but especially our nurses who have to do everything for those ill with Covid.  They are already burnt out. The non-vaxxers have no right to make all nurses to do the dirty work of caring for them from breathing, pain and diaper changing, intubate them, while watching many of them die. A nurse who was interview by CNN last night said the current hospitalized covid patients are the children of last year’s senior patients. They are mostly unvaccinated, and very possibly can never make it home to their teenage children.

Yet the governors of Florida and Texas have imposed a ban on vaccination requirement from businesses and restaurants, a ban for masking, a ban for schools to require children to wear masks to attend school.  But the New York mayor imposed just the opposite. Who is crazy here?

There will be many funeral home job openings in Florida and Texas. It’s an ironic way for republicans to create jobs for Americans for a change. The trickle-down economics actually works.

There Was a 4th Officer Who Responded to US Capitol Attack Died By Suicide

8/3/2021, Tuesday

A fourth police officer who clashed with Capitol rioters on January 6 has killed himself – putting the suicide rate among Capitol and DC cops at six times that of the normal rate among American cops.

Kyle DeFreytag, 26, died on July 10. He had responded to the Capitol insurrection on January 6th and had worked the later shift on that day. DeFreytag had been positioned outside the Capitol.

DeFreytag had been a Metropolitan Police Department officer for five years and worked in the city’s fifth district. On January 6, he worked the late shift and was tasked with enforcing the city’s curfew as people rioted and protested through the night.  For whatever reason, his suicide was not reported publicly until after officer Hashida’s suicide, DeFreytag’s family has not yet spoken out about his suicide.

The stigma of suicide which often connected to mental illness probably made many other D.C. policemen keep quiet about the effect on their mental health resulted from the fearful and violent insurrection on January 6th incited by Trump. I hope they all get help. It’s not a weakness to admit PTSD. They could be treated and still can do their jobs. The police department must make sure these cops will lose their jobs by coming forward to get help.

These heroes are also victims who deserve the best care and support for protecting the lives of our politicians, both rotten ones and the good ones.

Officer Who Responded to US Capitol Attack Is Third to Die By Suicide

8/2/2021, Monday

A third police officer who defended the US Capitol during the 6 January insurrection by extremist supporters of Donald Trump has taken his own life, Washington DC’s Metropolitan police department confirmed on Monday.

Officer Gunther Hashida, who was assigned to the emergency response team within the special operations department, was found dead at home on 29 July, the department said.

Anyone who saw all the videos from the police’s body cams during the hearing now know without a doubt, it was a terrorist attack. The terrorists outnumbered the D.C. police and savagely beat up quite a number of the cops who fought to protect all the senators and house representatives. Yet, after those cops were severely injured and suffered PTSD, most of the republicans in congress lied about the seriousness of the insurrection and insisted that it was not a violent attack.  

Good cops experience horrible crimes day in and day out but are expected to suck it up and move on. Most cops keep their mental stress secret for fear of losing their jobs. When the politicians they protected from the violent mob expressed their indifference of their suffering and even whitewashed the whole event, it drove a third officer to commit suicide. When someone suffers from PTSD, it’s like living in hell constantly. All the cops who worked to protect the politicians on January 6th should have given mental health treatment.

In Scandinavia, all police departments have in-house psychologists to provide mandatory regular therapy for all policemen.  The most rich and powerful country, the United States, does not give a damn about the welfare of all Americans, including those who serve and protect the government. How disgraceful!

I applaud the four DC policemen who testified in the January 6th hearing. They spoke of the anguish all of them and their colleagues had to endure. Officer Gunther Hashida committed suicide two days after his colleagues’ powerful testimony to the committee. He was only 44 years-old and left behind wife and three children.

May officer Hashida rest in peace now that his suffering is over. May God comfort his family and know that no one can escape justice in the end. God is the best judge and executioner. I witnessed God’s justice personally. It made me feel sorry for the person who committed terrible sins against me.

Pelosi Turns Tables on White House, Urges Eviction Ban Extension

8/1/2021, Sunday

The White House announced Thursday that it would let the Eviction Moratorium lapse because the Supreme Court indicated in late June that legislation would be necessary to extend it a fifth time.

Biden’s call for Congress to step in set off a two-day scramble in the House. More than a dozen House Democrats opposed a plan to extend the moratorium, which was challenged by landlords who warned it cost them billions of dollars each month.

The lapse of the moratorium this weekend meant millions of tenants around the country faced the risk of losing their homes. About 7.4 million adult tenants reported they were behind on rent in the latest U.S. Census Bureau survey, which was taken during the last week of June and the first week of July. About 3.6 million tenant households said they were “somewhat likely” or “very likely” to face eviction over the next two months.

Biden knew full well congress could not come up with the votes to extend the eviction moratorium which ends this weekend. The only way to keep millions of Americans from being homeless is for Biden to extend the eviction moratorium by executive order. Yet, he didn’t want the wealthy rental property investors to get mad at him. I thought he wanted to lift up Americans. So, it was no more than a campaign slogan. We should have known. He lied about his academic awards and plagiarized four speeches from other politician many years ago. We shouldn’t be surprised he lied about lifting up Americans.

There are already too many homeless people which the local governments are unable to help them. Imagine the chaos and suffering if another 3.6 million Americans become homeless in the next two months by eviction.

Pelosi and her team said Sunday night that as the CDC doubles down on mask-wearing and vaccination efforts, “science and reason demand that they must also extend the moratorium in light of the Delta variant.”

“Doing so is a moral imperative to keep people from being put out on the street which also contributes to the public health emergency,” they said.

The senior Democrats requested that the Treasury Department shed light on how state and local governments could more efficiently deliver the $46.5 billion in rental assistance Congress has authorized since December. As of the end of June, only 6.5 percent of the funds had been disbursed.

I hope Pelosi will shame him into using his executive order to extend the eviction moratorium.

The Infantilization of Western Culture – the Root of Stolen Election Mental Breakdown, Anti-Vaccine and Mask Violent Protests

8/1/2021, Sunday

A study by Simon Gottschalk, Professor of Sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on the infantilization of western culture seems to have a connection with my own speculation of a collective mental breakdown when Trump lost the 2020 election.

In 1946, while visiting American, French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss commented on the endearingly infantile traits of American culture. He especially noted adults’ childish adulation of baseball, their passionate approach to toy-like cars and the amount of time they invested in hobbies.

As contemporary scholars note, however, this “infantilist ethos” has become less charming – and more pervasive.

Researchers on both sides of the Atlantic have observed how this ethos has now crept into a vast range of social spheres.

In many workplaces, managers can now electronically monitor their employees, many of whom work in open spaces with little personal privacy. As sociologist Gary T. Marx observed, it creates a situation in which workers feel that managers expect them “to behave irresponsibly, to take advantage, and to screw up unless they remove all temptation, prevent them from doing so or trick or force them to do otherwise.”

This is exactly how companies organized the workplace to remove all privacy and even encourage workers to tell on each other if they noticed anything that could be interpreted as breaking the rules.

Much has been written about higher education’s tendency to infantilize its students, whether it’s through monitoring their social media accounts, guiding their every step, or promoting “safe spaces” on campus.

This caused many high school graduates to have a breakdown during the first or second year in college. They were unable to cope with having to prioritize and organize their lives on campus and fully responsible for their academic success for the first time. Some were hospitalized and at the same time participated in various type of therapies sessions during the day. Some even said they’d never go back to college again. They were emotionally unequipped to live in the real world.

Meanwhile, tourist destinations like Las Vegas market excess, indulgence and freedom from responsibility in casino environments that conjure memories of childhood fantasies: the Old West, medieval castles and the circus. Scholars have also explored how this form of Las Vegas-style “Disneyfication” has left its stamp on planned communities, architecture and contemporary art.

I went to Las Vegas only once and for a few days for work projects. During the free time I had, I looked around the strip and found the whole idea of Las Vegas was a scam. I failed to understand why so many people thought it was great fun to go to Vegas.

Then we’ve witnessed the rise of a “therapy culture,” which, as sociologist Frank Furedi warns, treats adults as vulnerable, weak and fragile, while implying that their troubles rooted in childhood qualify them for a “permanent suspension of moral sense.” He argues that this absolves grown-ups from adult responsibilities and erodes their trust in their own experiences and insights.

I found that most people I knew who’d gone to therapy only to find the affirmation they needed that everything that went wrong was someone else’s fault. A personal friend I knew actually kept changing therapists until she found one who didn’t challenge her and asked her what she could change about herself. Many people who sought therapy had the same goal as those Catholics who went to confession and received absolution, and therefore, move on in life with a clean conscience. Have they read the bible about King David?

Researchers in Russia and Spain have even identified infantilist trends in language, and French sociologist Jacqueline Barus-Michel observes that we now communicate in “flashes,” rather than via thoughtful discourse – “poorer, binary, similar to computer language, and aiming to shock.”

Others have noted similar trends in popular culture – in the shorter sentences in contemporary novels, in the lack of sophistication in political rhetoric and in sensationalist cable news coverage.

The whole generation of intelligent and responsible journalists we trusted and respected are gone, and insightful news reporting is non-existent these days.  

While scholars such as James Côté and Gary Cross remind us that infantilizing trends began well before our current moment, I believe our daily interactions with smartphones and social media are so pleasurable precisely because they normalize and gratify infantile dispositions.

They endorse self-centeredness and inflated exhibitionism. They promote an orientation towards the present, rewarding impulsivity and celebrating constant and instant gratification.

They flatter our needs for visibility and provide us with 24/7 personalized attention, while eroding our ability to empathize with others.

Whether we use them for work or pleasure, our devices also foster a submissive attitude. In order to take advantage of all they offer, we have to surrender to their requirements, agreeing to “terms” we do not understand and handing over stores of personal data.

Indeed, the routine and aggressive ways our devices violate our privacy via surveillance automatically deprive us of this fundamental adult right.

While we might find it trivial or amusing, the infantilist ethos becomes especially seductive in times of social crises and fear. And its favoring of simple, easy and fast betrays natural affinities for certain political solutions over others. And typically not intelligent ones.

Democratic policymaking requires debate, demands compromise and involves critical thinking. It entails considering different viewpoints, anticipating the future, and composing thoughtful legislation.

What’s a fast, easy and simple alternative to this political process? It’s not difficult to imagine an infantile society being attracted to authoritarian rule.

Unfortunately, our social institutions and technological devices seem to erode hallmarks of maturity: patience, empathy, solidarity, humility and commitment to a project greater than oneself. All are qualities that have traditionally been considered essential for both healthy adulthood and for the proper functioning of democracy.

Technology advance and social media culture poisoned the minds of many of our younger generation, causing them to be disconnected to the traditional idea of morality, and personal responsibility. Right and wrong were simply a matter of personal interpretation. Such character defect prevented many of them to achieve true greatness. And I didn’t mean wealth. This is the most troublesome aspect for me. It’s as if my children are lost to me.

This also created cult like behavior for people with such defective mentality could not think for themselves. Anti-Vaxxers protested violently during a dangerous pandemic are like infants having a huge tantrum. Except that they are adults, and the way they behave is a mental and emotional disorder.

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